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The Storm Around Me

It's Called Life

By Susan F WeimerPublished about a year ago 1 min read

There is a storm called life that rages around me.

Sometimes the path ahead I can barely see.

I squint at the winds that swirl and rage.

I pray for relief. Make this storm assuage.

There is too much pain and too much wrath.

Too much debris that covers my path.

I struggle as I try to keep going forward.

Over obstacles, I climb as I keep moving toward,

The goal I have set for the end of my life.

But this path I set is filled with such strife.

Suddenly I'm blocked. There's no way around.

Then the storm increases. I'm knocked to the ground.

I stand back up, and what do I see?

The raging storm cleared the path for me.

I stand in awe as I look at the path.

So suddenly cleared by winds and wrath.

Who would have thought that such a storm,

Would this block in my path transform.

Had I stopped when to the ground I was thrown.

This great victory I would not have known.

Through this life, I see I've grown.

Now my goal in life I shall own.


About the Creator

Susan F Weimer

I live in a rural area in upstate New York with my fiancé and three dogs. Mine is a simple life filled with simple pleasures.

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