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You Are A Pain

By Susan F WeimerPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Hello you foul beast, have you come to visit again?

To pain my head with the power plus ten.

You settle in my eyes and make my head throb.

To ruin my day, is that your job?

I can barely stand the light of day.

How I wish you would just go away.

I take Tylenol, aspirin, and Diphenhydramine.

Add some sugar and potassium, but it has yet to be seen,

How long it will take to relieve me of your presence.

I feel as if I am paying a penance,

For some past horrible deed.

How long will you be here I long to be freed?

My stomach is sick from your terrible residence.

How I hate your existence.

When at long last you finally leave,

I absolutely will not grieve.

To think you are gone for good, I am not so naïve.

I know this relief is a temporary reprieve.

I will spend my days in the usual way.

Until once again, I become your prey.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Susan F Weimer

I live in a rural area in upstate New York with my fiancé and three dogs. Mine is a simple life filled with simple pleasures.

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