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The Stars

A poem

By Charlotte StetsonPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
The Stars
Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash

In the beginning, we were stars

Shining in the Universe

Shining together, cheering each other on

Warming each other across the space between us

Sharing stories of the planets we watched over

Being in the best way with each other

Learning about this new thing called life, together

Until, one millennia, our star time ended.

I watched you collapse first, exploding into a supernova that set parts of you careening into space, the rest of you collapsing into the density of a black hole

Unhappy without me, you pulled me in too, pushing me to a grief stricken supernova and then down, down, down until you pulled me so close in the black hole that we became one

melded together as tightly as anything in the Universe can be

In our black hole, together, Sharing time

Feeling but not seeing, not corporeally tied to the bits of us that escaped the pull, that went spinning into the universe

Those pieces forming and reforming into different types of mass, different types of beings

until the end of each of their times came as well

Time always ends, and then time begins again

our pieces landing and gathering and ending and landing again and again and again,

longing and knowing we were together and yet apart.

Until today.

In this time, my newest time,

In human form my star self walked into the bakery for my morning donut

The donut that makes my being remember its star beginning and shine with happiness

I walked into the donut shop this morning

And my star shine fell upon you, my old star buddy, sitting and eating a donut

And the memory of all our brightly shining star time, the black hole hugging tightly time,

Floods into my body and I feel it, even though I don’t know what it is

It warms my new body

Sets my brain on fire, on star fire

And I know, in that single moment when I recognize your star pieces, my old friend,

I know, I know, I know

That I love you.

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