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The Snowflake

by John Thacker 4 months ago in social commentary

A short poem by John Thacker

The Snowflake
Photo by Tobias Keller on Unsplash

His name was Snowflake,

And he thought the colour of the sky was pink.

His mum, his dad, his friends, his teachers,

Told him that the sky was blue.

Snowflake explained the grass, the trees were blue,

Therefore the sky must be pink.

Nobody understood how or why.

'How do you know the sky is blue,'

He questioned his mum one day.

'Because blue is blue.'

'But why is it blue and not green,'

Unfathoming these words.

'Because that's the way it's always been,

I was taught the sky, the sea are blue, not green.'

Snowflake paused to reflect, then replied,

'I want my sky to be green.'

social commentary

John Thacker


I am a writer, actor, and singer/songwriter from Manchester, UK.

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John Thacker
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