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The Smoke Thief

Credit for the image goes to Tirza van Dijk.

By Emma KerryPublished 4 years ago 1 min read

I'd been alone for so long

When you found me in the Spring

You reignited my soul

And in the flames I did sing

Then you left in December

Took everything from me

Though I tried to be the person

That you wanted me to be

Gave you everything I had

My heart and my soul

With my pride on the line

I still played every role

Now the fire that you'd stoked

Has extinguished through and through

From the ashes my pride has risen

But with the smoke you took that too

Though I keep a shred of hope

With the embers left behind

That next time I won't be drowned

By a thief so unkind.


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Emma Kerry

Hi! I am a writer, mainly poetry but I do also write short fiction novels from time to time.

If you decide to leave a tip, no matter how small it may be, I greatly appreciate it.

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