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The scribble of relationships.

by Arushi Sahu 4 months ago in heartbreak
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Erasing it all…forming it again.

The scribble of relationships.
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The blue wall that

hangs in front of me

With a mirror some inches far,

A bed and a

overburdened shelf stuck to it

A charging board

out of which two lives

spring out.

One of me and one

of my tech stuff.

Was once new.

It was once new

Painted of my heart colour

Pristine, it was

Gave out the fancy paint odour.

Which I loved

And still is beloved

Tinted dark blue

the wall is.

Admired it was

from my eyes

until it was no more

my eyes’ beloved-looking gold.

Months passed by

A year too

Now it’s tinted

with scratches all over

of my recklessness

And my careful denies.

It was new

I swear

Until my leg was on it

Devising some distorted spheres.

There it was

The blue wall

Adored by my eyes

It’s still a lot to me

But I must have

taken some care.

But guilty I am

To not care

To not pay heed

When it was crying

out loud,

Her tears invincible

Sadly, now I cry, sayin’


I was busy in

scribbling and

forming spheres.

There’s a lot

to put to care

Things might slip out

because of our reckless


Not everything can be

painted back

Like that hanging wall

Some just ask for one call

A single defy, in no time

forms an indestructible wall

Fairly put things

to care

Before your life charges you fare.

As of now

I’ll again paint this wall.

And never put it off my care.

~Arushi Sahu


Here, in this poem, the message that I wish to convey is ‘fragility of relationships’. The scribbles on the wall are those ‘not so significant fights’ while the wall is love and that relationship that we form over years or whatever time period it is. But just a simple fight or, you say, some fights over time devise those spheres of communication gap. Those fights undermine the relationship, which eventually leads to breakouts. That beloved wall of mine can be painted back, but those relationships, can they come back?

When two people fight, they don’t realize what they’re saying and how much hurtful it can be. But after fights, something that prevents those scribbles from being erased is EGO. Therefore, even though there are differences, there are fights. It is our responsibility to let our ego slide and let love and acceptance make space. It is our responsibility to not let that wall of antipathy and ego form and erase those scribbles before they rupture our relationships.

As relationships are not walls that can be painted back whenever you want. So put things to care before your life charges you fare. Life is too short to fight, so choose to love dear.


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About the author

Arushi Sahu

A being lost in fantasy in ecstacy. Craving for a step beyond reality. Writing self engrossing fiction and poetry. Other sites:- https://tkw-onism.blogspot.com

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