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The Reprise

Becoming me, a year later.

By KBPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Image credits: Highsnobiety/Otto Saner

As my hands skim along my stretch stained thighs

I see a glimpse of the girl who sat here

One year ago

Struggling to keep her eyes dry.


But my breath is no longer panting,

My heart, no longer pounding.

Because I have learned from then.

Because I can sit in this red leather booth

And not worry about them.


The elder woman with the sage flowery cardigan

No longer comes around

And a part of me knows why

But doesn't want to believe what is bound.


Still, each day, I look at the empty booth

And thank her.

I thank her in my mind

For everything that may have been a lie.


Because it wasn't her that saved me.

It was the idea of her that I created.

The image of her past

Had helped me grow and become.


And so, by thanking the elder woman

Who no longer sits in the red leather booth,

I am thanking myself.

I saved her.


I can fully embrace these bright pink scars,

And disregard their thoughts of what they know.

And because of it,

I never miss the illuminating colors of the rainbow,

or the bright and shining stars.

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