The Reality of Love Now, The Fanciful Dream of Love in Time

You and I

The Reality of Love Now, The Fanciful Dream of Love in Time

It's late at night

And I'm thinking of you

As I so often do

When I'm alone

As I so often am

When my imaginative mind

Wonders what it would be like

To have you here with me

Loving you in the sense of real

Instead of just the fantasy realm

But the latter is all I have

And might be all I ever have

What brought us together

When the odds were so far against it

Was it mere chance? Or present fate?

You are there with me

Sharing the same space and time

Eight hours a day, five days a week

Thirty feet to a million miles away

I want to touch you and caress your face

I want to hold you in my arms and kiss you

And whisper the sweetest love things

While I playfully nibble on your ear

But I cannot, so I turn the other way

I do not talk to you, I do not look at you

Though it scares me to do so

My deep feelings for you have not changed

It is nothing you have said

Or nothing you have done

This is the way it has to be

For me and the temptation of you

Unless one day, unless someday

You and I ...

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