The Prince is Dead

by Steven Baldry 3 years ago in heartbreak

A Poem

The Prince is Dead

"The Prince Is Dead..."

The word is out with a gasp of their breath.

“I can’t believe his gone, and so very swift.”

“He was such a good man” all those that knew him said.

Still It didn’t change the fact, The Prince was Dead.

The smiling, thoughtful, romantic man...

Who was a loyal friend to all and always a Gentleman.

Who loved with an intensity and trust from the depths of his being.

Who had a belief in others beyond what most were seeing.

A faith in all that glittered was Gold

Was his downfall in the end I am told.

For as he reached for his Princess to once again hold.

He was kidnapped and bound by blindfold.

He was captured, tortured by the visions in his head.

Of the nightmares that live now where he once dreamt in his bed.

He had followed his heart but he was so mislead.

Spread the word one and all for The Prince is Dead.

No more does his passionate heart beat so frantic.

Living in the fairytale of the hopeless romantic.

For as he escaped his captors and slipped the blindfold.

He was burnt within a blazing fire that would forever scold.

He made his way with his scars...

With gritted teeth looked to the stars.

As he pondered all that was and was to be...

What had happened? Why couldn’t he see?

He felt so Estranged from all like he didn’t belong...

Hallelujah, Hallelujah...

The Princess lives on.

So he dug his grave and laid his perfect body to rest...

Then rose a Son of Anarchy in life's game of Chess.

Who was this man they didn’t recognise...

So far from Prince Charming now in everybody’s eyes.

No longer fitting in and playing his faithful part.

Walking with graceless swagger and carrying a colder heart.

As he walked the same old streets numb to pain.

A familiar face in the distance called out his old name.

At first he did not answer, suddenly he turned his head.

It’s not me you are looking for Princess...

The Prince is Dead.

Steven Baldry
Steven Baldry
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Steven Baldry

I have been writing Poetry since I was a teenager. Now in my late thirties I enjoy it more than ever. I find it a wonderful release and it helps me to free my mind and understand myself and my emotions.

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