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The Pale


By Adibe IjeomaPublished 10 months ago 3 min read
The Pale
Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

Pale as the moon,

A ghostly sight,

The color of bone,

A faded white.

A pallor of skin,

So sickly and frail,

Like a whispering wind,

That tells a sad tale.

A hue of sorrow,

That lingers and mourns,

A memory of tomorrow,

That fades and transforms.

Yet pale can also be,

A symbol of grace,

A delicate beauty,

That time cannot erase.

A porcelain doll,

Or a white lily flower,

A vision of purity,

In its soft, gentle power.

So do not dismiss,

This shade so light,

For in its subtle kiss,

It holds a certain might.

Pale as the moon, so soft and serene,

A delicate hue that's often unseen.

A color so faint, a ghostly white,

It speaks of secrets in the still of the night.

A vision of grace, so fragile and rare,

A color of innocence, pure and fair.

A reminder of snow, that blankets the earth,

A whisper of magic, that brings us rebirth.

Pale as a rose, so tender and frail,

Its beauty so fleeting, a fragile veil.

A hint of a blush, a shy little smile,

A fleeting moment, that lasts just awhile.

A vision of light, that dances in the mist,

A whisper of a dream, that's hard to resist.

A color that tells of a story untold,

A tale of wonder, that's yet to unfold.

Pale as the stars, that shine up above,

A glimmer of hope, a symbol of love.

A reminder of all that's pure and divine,

A whisper of beauty, that's oh so fine.

A color so soft, that's hard to define,

It holds within it, a subtle design.

A vision of grace, that touches the soul,

A memory of peace, that makes us whole.

Pale as the moon, so serene and fair,

It speaks to our hearts, of a love that's rare.

A color of light, that holds us so tight,

A symbol of hope, that shines through the night.

The pale, a color so soft and light,

A delicate hue that's almost white.

It whispers of secrets, untold and true,

And brings a sense of peace, in all it imbues.

The pale, a color of grace and poise,

A beauty that lingers, never to be destroyed.

It speaks of a time, of innocence and youth,

And brings back memories, of a time long since gone.

The pale, a color that tells a story,

Of a life lived, in all its glory.

It speaks of a journey, with its ups and downs,

And reminds us of the beauty, that can be found.

The pale, a color that's soft and gentle,

A reminder of a love, that's simple and essential.

It speaks of a bond, that's strong and true,

And holds us together, in all that we do.

The pale, a color that's calming and serene,

A reminder of a world, that's yet to be seen.

It speaks of a future, with its hope and light,

And brings us closer, to a world that's bright.

The pale, a color that's full of emotion,

A reminder of a life, that's in constant motion.

It speaks of a journey, that's full of surprises,

And brings us closer, to the life we all prize.

The pale, a color that's almost white,

A symbol of a love, that's shining so bright.

It speaks of a bond, that's unbreakable and strong,

And holds us together, where we truly belong.

So embrace the pale, in all its softness and light,

For it holds within it, a beauty so bright.

Let it speak to your soul, and bring you some peace,

And let its gentle touch, make all your worries cease.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Adibe Ijeoma

A writer of love ,marriage and lifestyle.💕

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