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Oh Russia

By Adibe IjeomaPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

Russia, oh land of grandeur and might

With a rich and storied history in sight

From the sprawling cities to the rugged terrain

Your beauty and power are never in vain

Your vastness stretches far and wide

From the snowy tundra to the countryside

Your culture and art are renowned and adored

And your people are strong, determined and forward

The towering spires of your cities rise high

A testament to your greatness that never dies

From Moscow's Red Square to St. Petersburg's canals

Your beauty and majesty inspire and enthral

The music of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff

Echoes through the ages, never to be lost

Your literature, too, is a thing of wonder

From Tolstoy's epics to Pushkin's lyrical thunder

Oh Russia, land of the czars and tsars

With a history rich, and culture like no other stars

From the Red Square in Moscow, to the Hermitage in St. Pete

Your beauty and grandeur, is something hard to beat

Oh Russia, your winters may be cold and long

But your people and their spirit, they remain strong

From the Volga River to the Ural Mountains tall

Your landscapes and nature, never cease to enthrall

Oh Russia, your people, proud and determined

With their hearts full of passion and their spirits unyielding

From the arts and literature, to the science and space

Your achievements and contributions, are something to embrace

Oh Russia, you have seen your fair share of strife

From the fall of the Tsars, to the struggles of life

But your people have persevered, with a spirit so bright

And in their strength and resilience, they shine like a light

Oh Russia, your beauty is something to behold

From the countryside green, to the cities of gold

May your culture and heritage forever thrive

For in your beauty and grandeur, we find new life.

The Russia, land of vastness and might

A country that fills us with wonder and delight

From the frozen tundra to the Black Sea shores

Your beauty and strength, forever endures

The Kremlin in Moscow, with its towers and walls

A symbol of power, that never falls

St. Petersburg with its canals and grandeur

A city of beauty, that we'll forever treasure

The forests of Siberia, so dense and vast

A place where time seems to have been frozen in the past

The mountains of the Caucasus, so rugged and high

A sight to behold, as they touch the sky

The Russian soul, so deep and strong

A people that have endured for so long

From the poets and writers, to the artists and musicians

Your contributions to the world, are endless in their richness

Oh, Russia, you have seen your share of strife

From the revolutions to the wars of life

But your people have persevered, with courage and might

And in their spirit and resilience, we find a shining light

The Russia, a land of beauty and grandeur

A place that fills us with awe and wonder

May your spirit and culture forever thrive

For in your greatness and strength, we find new life.

Oh, the beauty of Russia, how it fills us with awe

From the snow-capped mountains to the rivers that flow

The land so vast, it seems to stretch on forever

A land of contrasts, where beauty and power come together

The cities, so grand with their palaces and cathedrals

The Red Square in Moscow, with its colorful festivals

St. Petersburg with its elegant canals and architecture

A city of beauty, like no other in the world's structure

The countryside, so picturesque, with its rolling hills and fields

Where the babbling brooks and streams, offer a peaceful yield

The forests of Siberia, with their towering trees so tall

A place of wild beauty, that never fails to enthral

The people, so strong with their resilience and determination

Their culture, so rich with its music, art and literature creation

From the ballets of Tchaikovsky to the novels of Dostoevsky

Russia's contributions to the world, are truly extraordinary

Oh, the beauty of Russia, how it fills us with wonder

A land of contrasts, with so much to discover

May its beauty and spirit forever shine

For in Russia's greatness, we find a treasure divine.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Adibe Ijeoma

A writer of love ,marriage and lifestyle.💕

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