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The Cool Breeze

Cool breeze

By Adibe IjeomaPublished 10 months ago 3 min read
The Cool Breeze
Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash

Cool breeze, oh how you soothe my soul

With gentle caresses, you make me whole

Through the branches of the trees you weave

A melody of peace, a sweet reprieve

You bring a freshness to the air

As if washing away my every care

With every gentle touch you impart

A sense of calm, a tranquil heart

Cool breeze, you whisper secrets untold

Of stories hidden, and mysteries unfold

You carry with you a promise of change

Of shifting seasons, and a world rearranged

Your touch is light, but oh so powerful

A force that can make even the mightiest cower

Yet to me, you are a gentle friend

A soothing presence that will never end

Cool breeze, you bring me such delight

With every breath, a feeling of light

You are a reminder of nature's grace

A gift to cherish in every place.

Cool breeze, a welcome friend

Bringing a sweet relief that never ends

Whispering through the leaves of trees

A soft touch that's carried on the breeze

Cool breeze, a calming force

Bringing peace and quiet to the source

Rustling grasses and the fields of wheat

A gentle touch that's oh so sweet

Cool breeze, a refreshing touch

Bringing life to all that it does clutch

Caressing the face and tousling hair

A gentle embrace that's beyond compare

Cool breeze, a welcome guest

Bringing relief from heat and stress

Cooling down the warmest days

A refreshing change in so many ways

Cool breeze, a gentle guide

Bringing comfort and peace to our side

Whispering secrets and tales of lore

A friend that we can always adore.

The cool breeze, a welcome sight

On a warm summer's day or a cool autumn night

With a gentle touch and a calming sound

It brings peace and tranquility all around

Rustling through the trees, it sings a soft song

A soothing melody that lasts all day long

Carrying with it scents of the earth and sea

A reminder of the beauty that surrounds you and me

The cool breeze, a playful friend

Dancing through the fields, never wanting to end

Whipping up waves on the lake or sea

A refreshing sight for all to see

Blowing through the city streets

It carries with it the sounds and beats

Of a bustling world, alive and bright

But with a touch of the calm and the quiet

The cool breeze, a gift to us all

Bringing with it a peace that we can install

In our hearts and minds, it reminds us to slow

And enjoy the simple moments that make life glow

So let us cherish the cool breeze each day

And the peace and joy it brings our way

For in its gentle touch and calming sound

We can find the beauty that is all around.

Oh cool breeze, how you refresh my soul

With your gentle touch and your cooling role

You soothe my mind and calm my heart

And in your embrace, all my worries depart

You carry with you the scents of nature

Of blooming flowers and ripening fruit

And in your caress, I feel the pleasure

Of a life that is simple, pure and true

You rustle through the leaves and the grass

And whisper secrets as you pass

Of a world that is filled with wonder and awe

And in your presence, I am left in awe

You playfully dance through the trees

And ripple the waters of the seas

Your playful nature brings joy to all

And in your essence, I find my call

Oh cool breeze, you are a gift to me

A reminder of the beauty that is all I see

You refresh my soul and renew my heart

And in your embrace, I find a new start.

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About the Creator

Adibe Ijeoma

A writer of love ,marriage and lifestyle.💕

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