The One Who Forgets Always Remembers

by Deanna Moody 6 months ago in sad poetry

Cutting out toxic people is always beneficial

The One Who Forgets Always Remembers

Strong winds blow through the forest inside my head

Rushing through the tall tress

Swiftly erasing all my memories

Without you I am everything but blind

From happy to sad and good to bad

Washing out the image of the clown

Emotions and events being incinerated

Like a roach in the shower you drown

The mask with the love falls to the ground

No longer am I your counselor

Skip away to the fantasy world

Bottom feeders have no meaning to the hustler

Before you cry and before you beg

Tell yourself pretty lies

Distracted from the pain

The wind's almost through as that part of me dies

Deleted and gone

You hold out your hand

Reaching for me so hard

I don't understand

Finally flushed out

The circus left my town

Fun while it lasted

Excited the tents were taken down

No please, stay for the finale

One more taunt

This last entry

Listen while I debunk everything you want

I am not you and you are not I

Conjoined we never were, just like the desert you are dry

sad poetry
Deanna Moody
Deanna Moody
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