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The Ninth Cloud

by S. E. Linn 8 months ago in love poems
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When they told me to stay

had they known it would turn out that way,

Would they say stand and fight?

For a heart without love? A life without light?

When I found you, days became brighter.

Your love made everything so much lighter.

Nights were warmer, stars were shining,

My sunlit cloud with a silver lining.

The harder I laughed, the less I cried.

I started to do things I'd never tried.

You opened my eyes and I saw the sun's light

break through the wall of everlasting night.

They say time stops for a love that's true.

The world stopped turning when I saw you.

Looking at me through sea green eyes,

You said I was your new sunrise.

You told me it's darkest before the dawn,

And gave me the courage to soldier on.

Safe in your arms as a lost child found.

Like a zipline ride only upside down.

When I look at you now through sky blue eyes,

I know that you are my new sunrise.

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S. E. Linn

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