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The New Blue Ball

No take, only throw

By Amos GladePublished about a month ago Updated 28 days ago 1 min read
The New Blue Ball
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Who’s a good puppy, who’s a good boy?

-----This is my ball it is clean, it is blue.

How are you liking your brand new ball toy?

-----This is my ball and I got it brand new.

Give me the ball and we’ll play some catch.

-----I want you to throw it and throw it real far.

When we’re all done you’ll get a good scratch.

-----I’m fast as the wind on my fur in the car.

Give me the ball, your teeth are too tight.

-----I’ll jump and I’ll catch and I’ll bring the ball back.

Give me the ball, release your strong bite.

-----This is my reason, this is my fact.

I’ll pull and I’ll yank so we can soon play.

-----Don’t take the ball, please only throw.

If you want me to throw, we can’t be here all day.

-----Don’t take the ball, it’s mine you know.

I got the ball and the throw is now done.

-----I bark and I jump, we’re having such fun.

I love you my friend, my dog, my pet.

-----I can see that the sun is starting to set.

It’s getting late and we should head back.

-----I love you my friend, my head of the pack.

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Amos Glade

Writing offers an opportunity to create and heal. These stories in the bizarre, horror, and magic realism realms help inspire me to move forward with novel writing. Thank you for reading. Check out my website: https://www.amosglade.com/

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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Comments (4)

  • Sandra27 days ago

    Well done. I loved it!

  • So sweet, loved this!

  • Desarae Lee29 days ago


  • Chance Justbe30 days ago

    The shameless Amos writes again! A riveting thought provoking poem to conjure up old memories of my long gone greatest pal. All that remains is his ball that now sits still on shelf by my bed.

Amos GladeWritten by Amos Glade

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