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The Mountain Top

A view so grand, free, and fair, I just wish Grandma was there.

By Christopher KellyPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
The Mountain Top
Photo by Alfred Aloushy on Unsplash

Dear Grandma,

I hope this letter finds you well,

As I recount a story I must tell.

I climbed a mountain in Italy,

And saw a view so grand and free.

The hills rolled on for miles and miles,

And brought me joy with all their styles.

The sun shone bright upon the scene,

And made the grass appear so green.

The sky was blue and clear as glass,

And I felt I could breathe at last.

The view was such a sight to see,

And filled my heart with purest glee.

As I stood there on the mountain top,

I wished that you could be there to stop.

And share with me this stunning sight,

As we basked in the sun's warm light.

I wish, Grandma, that you were there,

And let you see this view so fair.

One day together we'll reach the top,

And never, ever want to stop.



nature poetry

About the Creator

Christopher Kelly

Engineer by day. Writer of mages, dragons, werewolves, vampires, and all things magical by night.

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