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A Poem for a birthday

By Bright EphraimPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

The ribbons lie scattered, like memories unfurled,

Confetti clings stubbornly, to a slightly messy world.

The echoes of laughter, still linger in the air,

A warmth from last night's revelry, a joy beyond compare.

Cards with heartfelt wishes, adorn the table's edge,

Each word a brushstroke, painting a smile on this post-feast pledge.

Balloons, a bit deflated, hold remnants of delight,

Whispering secrets of merriment, throughout the long, festive night.

The silence holds a softness, the calm after the storm,

A peaceful contemplation, keeping my heart warm.

Gratitude washes over, like waves upon the shore,

For the love and the laughter, that I could ask for no more.

The morning after my birthday, a canvas yet to unfold,

A space for new beginnings, stories yet untold.

But for now, I hold these moments, precious and bright,

The afterglow of celebration, a warm and golden light.

Here's to friendships cherished, and bonds that brightly gleam,

Here's to laughter's echo, and a cherished birthday dream.

This day, a gentle reminder, of love that surrounds,

A simple, quiet appreciation, for the joy that abounds.

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About the Creator

Bright Ephraim

I am guy who loves to put smile on people faces. I want to continually better myself and hope to be a positive influence in other peoples lives too. Happy to be your friend.

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    Bright EphraimWritten by Bright Ephraim

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