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The Model Actor

by Marc OBrien 4 months ago in celebrities
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The heart is not something to take lightly

It is an organ vital and mighty

Containing blood defining ‘who is the royal king?’

Flowing through the body’s thing

Keeping alive

With red honey from the internal hive

Fooling around could spell doom

Creating an attack that goes boom

Getting hurt

Due to an emotional unneeded innocent flirt

Shocked and despair

Crying this is so unfair

Enraged veins screaming “HOW?!”

From a pulse sating rage waging, an angry brow

How dare you challenge this committed part

When we had a sincere relationship that was just at its start

Segment developed a problem

Crew said we got em

An act I am not proud

And was ridiculed by the audience crowd

No one was there to love

Absent guidance from above

Lost in the scripted wilderness

Where all I did was miss

Forgotten on the social list

Wanting to move on

Dropping the life con

And the shell game

Relieving the pain

Realizing not wanting to be here

Drinking beer

Living in fear

Maybe it is time to just rip it

This haunting snippet

Getting on with a new beginning

Start winning

I want something new

Tell them the scene is through

Sending it to

The episode vault,

Where it can be found and bought

On the service streaming

Having meaning

For the one dreaming

Logged and file

In a pile

Time spent

Marked down to a dollar rent

Enjoy my past

In the lane that was fast

Since today I joined your cast

That is what the heart is supposed to be

A makeup romantic kiss suitable for a debatable contractual fee

This is where I am coming from

Wasting away as a bum

Sitting on the beach

Instead of noting someone working to teach

At a bar

Claiming the potential in turning into a star

Just making rent

Scared to live in a homeless tent

But it was then I met you

Trying to be cool

Showing me where you come from

An innocent life youthful and fun

Approaching you may strip your independence and put you on an imprisoned leash

That is why I wrote you a musical piece

For you to listen

Understand my journey mission

Asking you to forgive, forget

Disregard being upset

I was not success

Instead, I was a mess

When you sailed into my life

Image, I took as someone that could be my wife

That is where I am coming from

Mistakes that were dumb

Praying for a second chance

With you during a matrimonial dance

Which in the end I will raise my lance

Defending you hoping legal payment in advance

Accept this thing about me

Reflect over the cup of tea

Entertained by the number

Which one could wonder

Due to its lyrical base

Poetic posture putting a smile on your face

Fantasy wishing

After cleaning up from guy fishing

Hearing my story side

And how much I tried

Seeing only the style

Of wearing my shoes walking a mile

Down that spiritual aisle

Overlooking small, tiny details

Where they say I fail

Falsely convicted and told to sit in moral jail

I must ask you to accept this about me

And you will see

A permanent partner in the making

Who is not doing any faking

Sitting there on your yacht

That you got

As an academic achievement gift

After the degree you were granted giving you that lift

You throw me a line

“Here grab this if you are done doing time”

I secured it to my boat that I row

Pondering how much you know

“Just grab it,” you said

“I am going to pull you back from the dead”

No longer feeling drowned

You towed me back to the marina in town

Thundering lighting threatening the air

You were the one answering my signaling flair

Here we are now safe on shore

And you opened the bait tackle shop door

“Allowing me to come in

Forgiving me of my sin”

It was then the clouds started to clear

Despite sun setting near

We both headed to the bar for happy hour cheer

That is when a colorful rainbow started to form

And I told you I graduated the year you were born

An upfront message directed to your checked out dorm

You told me “I have a lot to learn

In this world with many concerns

Can you help me through this uncharted mess

When your generation starts to confess”

I replied

“Not going to lie

We lived in a colorful glitzy time

Nothing to worry on the mind”

Something to savor

And not give away on waver

A warming Seabreeze draft

Invading my sinking craft

Now parked in your boathouse slip

Secured with a rope clip

Not going to float away

Into the ocean body that is choppy and grey

Instead, I will sit here look into your eyes blue

Waiting for the cue

When you fluff that hair

Stating a look that says, “I care”

And I make sure you know, “this is not a fleeting affair”

Instead, a proposal based on well thought out feelings

Found when wheeling

And dealing

Credit card paying for the healing

I have one moment to shine

If of course you do not mind

And decline

My request

To meet me in a tuxedo and vest

On a wedding day

Where we both say

Vows sealing our devoted stance

Performing a romantic trance

Going from a solo act

To a pair watching each other’s back

Since I have confronted the wrong

Creating this honorable song

About you

Who all I want to exchange are the words “I do”


About the author

Marc OBrien

Barry University graduate Marc O'Brien has returned to Florida after a 17 year author residency in Las Vegas. He will continue using fiction as a way to distribute information. Books include "The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle"

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