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The Mind at War

An Unending dispute

By Cilian MurphyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Mind at War
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Where emotions clash and shadows dwell are the depths of the psyche,

the scene of inner conflicts.

A violent storm, an unrelenting battle,

In the stillest, darkest halls of the night. 

 The mind turns into an invisible battleground

where worries and doubts rule and hope may fade.

Rival voices mutter; their echoes are strong.

Tearing at the self-shroud like a shroud. 

 Anxiety tightens its grip,

an unwavering clutch,

while fear snatches the heart with its icy grasp.

Nevertheless, there is a glimmer of brightness within this mess.

A flash of bravery was quite dazzling. 

 Like a phoenix emerging from ashes,

Strength emerges from the depths.

Resilience flourishes in spite of internal conflict.

Because every conflict resolved yields a lesson,

and every wound received results in wisdom gained.

Thus, confront your inner demons with unwavering resolve,

let courage lead the way, and let your anxieties fade.

Because the ability to overcome and the fortitude to persevere

are hidden deep within the chasm of the soul.

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Cilian Murphy

I love writing about life generally, Health, wellbeing, fiction, and the cosmos. I think that would be all about me for now. My stories will reflect a lot more about me than I can say here. Huge fan of cillian Murphy.

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