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The Love Hate Relationship I have With This Spider

Friend Or Foe?

By Deidre MelsonPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Friend Or Foe?

This spider moved in several months ago. I guess I wasn't paying attention, I don't know. It caught my eye, because I've seen him grow. I want him to stay, I also want him to go!

His web's getting larger on my window seal, I can't open the window because he's to near. His butts getting bigger, those front legs too. I'm so confused about what I should do.

See, flies and gnats were bugging me, until my little guess arrived, now I can sleep. No pesty flies hovering over my meat. No little gnats trying to get in my drinks.

What should I do? Such a crazy dilemma, hard to believe that it's true. I've had other friends who view spiders as friends. Feeding them, and inviting them in. That's when our friendship takes a crazy turn, because I'm over less because of the information I've learned.

Now it's me, crazy Dee on the other end, because this spider has made life easier than it's been. I don't need sprays, swatters and such, I just leave him there and let him do his stuff.

BUT! on the other hand, he has taken up half of my room. I should grow some balls and go get the broom! What if he's a baby and he grows bigger than that, then he can have the whole room, because I'm not coming back.

Oh what tricky place to be, running away from something that is helping me. Contemplating killing this creature because I'm afraid, despite the improvement in my life he has made.

Question is will he spare me. Will he understand, if worse came to worse will he bite my hand? Will he remember all those nights on the seal, when we slept together and things were so chilled.

Our will he fall prey to his predator instinct and bite the f out of me!?

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Deidre Melson

Hello like mind community of writers! It's taken a long time for me to be confident enough to allow people outside of my bubble to read my writings. I hope you all enjoy my writings as much as I have enjoyed yours. Cheers to us!

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