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The Long Path to Solitude

Sober, Healed, & Stronger Than Ever

By AdonShar For RealPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Long Path to Solitude
Photo by Jack Skinner on Unsplash

Long path to solitude

All over a family feud

Yes, I was a cruel dude

With a bad attitude

Never in a good mood

I didn't mean to be rude

I owe God my life and gratitude

Long path to solitude

I had to get sober

My body ached all over

I learned to heal

Forgive, forget, and start over

Knee-deep in this crossover

My enemies didn't like the 

Switchover they dried to bury me

At a Passover, I had to think twice

Before my life is over

Long path to solitude

Stronger than ever

I overcame my struggles

Stayed clear of the trouble

Every day I felt like I had a stunt double

Wanting nothing more than

To bring me trouble

Long path to solitude

I had to seclude

To get back to a good mood

And adapt to a new attitude

Before I let my life stay screwed

Today I have nothing but

Gratitude from my

Long path to solitude

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About the Creator

AdonShar For Real

I focus on creating inspirational poems, educational, and spiritual healing blogs from personal experiences. My topics help motivate people to heal from toxic relationships, mental health, and addictive behaviors.

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