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The Last Unicorn

Help others...get twice the blessings

By Udhaya KarthikaPublished about a year ago 2 min read

The Last Unicorn

Once upon a time, in a magical forest, there lived a unicorn named Luna. She was the last unicorn in the world, and she knew it. Luna had always been alone, wandering through the forest, searching for other unicorns, but she had never found any.

One day, as Luna was grazing in a clearing, she heard a rustling in the bushes. She tensed, ready to run, but then a little girl emerged from the bushes. The girl was crying, and she was lost. Luna felt a tug in her heart, and she knew she had to help the little girl.

Luna led the girl through the forest, showing her the way home. The girl was amazed by Luna's grace and beauty, and Luna felt a sense of joy she had never felt before. She realized that helping others was her true purpose.

The next day, as Luna was grazing in the same clearing, she heard a different kind of rustling. This time, a group of hunters emerged from the bushes, armed with swords and nets. They were after Luna, the last unicorn, and they intended to capture her.

Luna ran as fast as she could, but the hunters were closing in. She could hear the little girl's voice in her head, telling her to keep running. Luna's heart pounded, and her hooves pounded the ground. Just when she thought she couldn't go any further, she saw a glimmer of light up ahead.

It was a hidden lake, deep in the heart of the forest. Luna galloped towards it, with the hunters hot on her heels. But as she reached the edge of the lake, she felt a sudden surge of magic. The hunters were thrown back by an invisible force, and Luna saw the shimmering form of other unicorns emerging from the water.

The other unicorns had been hiding in the lake all along, protected by their magic. They had sensed Luna's kindness and had come to help her. The hunters fled in fear, and Luna was finally reunited with her own kind.

From that day on, Luna lived in the forest with the other unicorns. She was no longer the last unicorn in the world, and she knew she had found her true purpose. Luna had learned that kindness and compassion could bring magic into the world, and that was more valuable than anything else.

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