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The Last Grief

This Is The Last Grief

By OliverPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

The uncontrollable match of loss and death.

The thief of happiness and joy

The heaviest weight on the chest

The last grief!!!

The master show up of the wrong place and time

The mountain so big to climb

A wound to the heart

A scar that never heals

A heart that is crushed

A question of purpose

The darkest place of the world

The unending story of the night

The puzzle of the crowd

The everlasting torcher of mind

Ask your self

Where are your age mates,

One would wish to pick up a ball to the pitch

Wish to play

But the football field is empty

No friends or brothers to play with

The field is empty.

Another one desires to be escorted out

To the market place

Or to the field to collect woods

But no one to accompany him or her

One plans for a season

To farm and plant

But no rains.

One prepares the arrival of the baby to be born.

Yet to receive a dead child.

Another one struggles for life,

To build the bridges of life through success and hardworking,

But die without testing the sweet of his sweat.

This is the last grief

The question of God

The unanswerable questions of existence

As to why God has allowed this to happen

In this life!!

The last Grief.

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