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The knife and the wife

by Francis L about a month ago in love poems

care and caution

The knife and the wife
Photo by Victoria Roman on Unsplash

Love is all. Love is sound.

Love is tall. Love is around.

I found myself in the arms of a girl

after a long time looking for the right pearl.

That was during a bright night -

I don't remember how I really felt -

she told me I was soft as felt

and that I was standing as a knight.

I knew at first glance she was the one

when I saw her,

I don't know what I have done

while I got fever.

All I remind from this instant

is my shyness before this accessible happiness ;

I then stood in front of a table as a plant

holding awkwardly something in the darkness.

In fact, it was a knife in my hand,

yet I was hesitating to cut off the past to move on

through a new path to any other land,

for getting youth from former "yon".

But I didn't have to hesitate for long.

Because an aid laid on it

leading my ending palm where it would newly belong ;

So I got hit,

I get eaten

by some kind of heaven.

When I turned around and looked back

I finally would have found the partner I had ever felt the lack ...

By Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash

love poems

Francis L

I present on my Vocal space meaningful half-short poetry, for now.

This may change in the future.

You can also find me at this Medium adress (there they are all different writtings from here) : medium.com/@francis-l

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Francis L
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