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The Justice Mirror

Illuminating the Path to Equality and Redemption

By Dr. Jason BenskinPublished about a month ago 1 min read
The Justice Mirror
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In the halls of justice, where shadows dwell,

Lies a system flawed, with tales to tell.

Where scales once balanced now tilt askew,

Injustice reigns, casting a somber hue.

Behind iron bars, lives forgotten, lost,

Trapped in a labyrinth of laws, at great cost.

Yet hope persists, a flicker in the night,

For justice reform, a beacon of light.

No longer can we turn a blind eye,

To broken lives beneath a shattered sky.

Equality’s cry, resounding clear,

In every heart, it finds its sphere.

From sentencing disparities to prison’s chains,

To rehabilitation’s whispered refrains,

The call for change echoes far and wide,

In every corner where truth resides.

Let mercy guide the gavel’s fall,

And empathy weave through courtroom’s hall.

For in redemption’s embrace, we find,

The seeds of justice, lovingly twined.

Reform’s journey, a winding road,

But with courage, its course we’ll boldly strode.

Toward a future where justice thrives,

And every soul’s dignity survives.


About the Creator

Dr. Jason Benskin

I am a dedicated writer whose work delves into the depths of human emotion and experience with a unique voice and an eye for detail.

My goal is to craft writing that resonate with readers on a profound level.

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Comments (14)

  • Vicki Lawana Trusselli 8 days ago

    This is absolutely so in tune with equality and the double standard in the courts . This is well written in a light way of presenting a very sensitive but important subject.

  • Caroline Jane11 days ago

    This reads to me like a poetic ending to a play. The poet's epilogue if you will. Very well put together. 😁

  • The Dani Writer15 days ago

    This is so needed! What a power, truth-packed poem! Here's to major circulation for this work Jason. Well done!

  • Jennifer David18 days ago

    This is powerful! Normally, I roll my eyes at poems that rhymn; but, this uses rhymn scheme in such a way that it adds to the poems character rather than takes a way from it. It adds rhythm. I'm going to reread this, probably a few times. Your message is one that is so important and told with such unmistakable skill.Thank you for sharing it.

  • Gloria Penelope18 days ago

    Great poem here. I enjoyed reading every line in it.

  • angela hepworth25 days ago

    Great way to address this frustrating and devastating subject content.

  • Sweileh 88825 days ago

    Interesting and delicious content. Keep posting more

  • Patrick M. Ohana28 days ago

    A beautiful and timely piece! Unfortunately, justice has become a word with no meaning in the current world.

  • Cindy Calderabout a month ago

    This poem particularly struck a personal note with me. I worked in the judicial system, both with adults and juveniles, for nearly twenty years, profounds and adamantly believing in its righteousness and justice. It was only several years later, after a personal experience and reflection, that I realized that despite how fortunate we are to have such, how seriously flawed our system can be at times. It is far from perfect, but then man, who devises and upholds the laws, will also always fall short of the mark. It is something of which we must always be on alert and aware.

  • Brenda Fluhartyabout a month ago

    Amazing work of art.

  • Belleabout a month ago

    I love this! Brilliantly written, with beautiful rhythm and rhyme... an excellent way to present this content ❤️

  • Great observations, and hope this comes to pass

  • Milrose samboqueabout a month ago

    Nice read! Thanks for sharing 👍

Dr. Jason BenskinWritten by Dr. Jason Benskin

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