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The It Girl

My 90s extraterrestrial prom queen

By Randy RileyPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

I was sitting in bed watching Dawson’s Creek,

Drinking wine, eating chips, and relaxing at the end of the week.

Suddenly through the window I see a flash, I feel a boom, and I hear a crash.

I walk outside to check out the commotion,

When I see a feminine figure, confidently in motion.

She’s strutting towards me, a ponytail bouncing up and down,

She’s got on platform sandals and a spaghetti strap slip gown.

Her eyebrows are thin and her lip gloss is heavy,

But there’s something not right and I start feeling unsteady.

As she gets closer, the fear starts to set in.

She looks less like a Rachel, and more like a Marvin.

Her skin is green, her eyes are large,

She walks up to me and says

“Like, who’s in charge?”

I say “well that would be me, I own this land.”

She responds “that’s so not what I mean, talk to the hand!”

“Well I guess that would be the president, but he’s up the coast. Is there something I could help you with?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen your shows.

I’ve done all my research, I’ve read the historical texts,

From Dawson to Buffy, the Charmed Ones, and the rest.

I know about your culture, the leaders and their abilities,

I know about Beverly Hills, Sunnydale, Capeside, your capital cities.

I’ve come for a chance to join and live like you do.

I’ve done the work to be all that,

And a bag of chips too.”

I furrow my brow and think of how to help, what I can do,

She adjusts her oversized scrunchie and taps her chunky shoes.

“Do you need a license? A visa? Those could help, right?”

“I can figure that out on my own, what I need is a prom night.

It’s a rite of passage in your human lives,

With a committee and planning and a dress, it’s a perfect night.”

“Prom!” I exclaim, confused and excited,

“That’s important to you? I guess I can try it!”

“I need to be queen” she said with her head held high,

“It’s in all your movies, and I need the perfect guy.”

So I do it, I plan it, I put on a tux.

I clean up my yard, I make some punch.

I dress up my cat and some stuffed animals,

I get a corsage, a crown, and a disco ball.

I lead her out and dance all around,

My neighbors peek out their windows,

It’ll be the gossip around town.

I call her name and celebrate the queen,

My new friend cries, thrilled to be a proper teen.

She thanks me and leaves, I’m not sure where she’ll go next,

Will I see her again? Will I remember? Could I forget?

But one thing I do know, I never could have dreamed

The time I danced with my 90s extraterrestrial prom queen.


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Randy Riley

anxious, scattered, figuring it out

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  • LJ Pollard 2 months ago

    Really an enjoyable, clever read. Great submission for the Extraterrestrial contest!

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