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The Inspiration Poem Noon

Translated by brain sneeden

By Maroof razaPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
The Inspiration Poem Noon
Photo by Nick Kulyakhtin on Unsplash

from a distance we could hear the galloping

of hooves on asphalt. we turned our heads

struggling to see through the trees. then

after we got onto the freeway

they overtook us. violent joy

reddened their faces. steam rising

from their strong bodies running.

in their purple beadwork.

their proud straight tail. their vast inexplicable

eyes. for a brief moment I managed

a glimpse of their thighs shining moving.

holding deep inside them

the sun. for the third time midsummer

unfolded red roses at our house.

sometimes I can’t stand the thought of what

waits for me.

let it come let the unexpected

find me. a wind.

no one will be able to say with words

where it passes.

a scent.

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