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The Hungry Mind

Feeding on the Nourishment of Knowledge

By Mohammed AskeePublished 10 months ago ā€¢ 1 min read

In the realm of wisdom, I shall roam,

Where knowledge blossoms, like seeds sown,

A feast for the mind, an eternal quest,

Feeding on knowledge, I am truly blessed.

In libraries vast, my hunger takes flight,

Among shelves stacked, a treasure trove of sight,

I wander through pages, eager to explore,

Feeding on knowledge, forever craving more.

From ancient texts, wisdom's whispers arise,

A symphony of thoughts, truths that mesmerize,

Each word a morsel, a banquet for the soul,

Feeding on knowledge, I feel truly whole.

Through words of sages, I gain new insight,

The power of ideas, like stars shining bright,

Enlightenment dawns, as concepts unfold,

Feeding on knowledge, my spirit is bold.

In pursuit of wisdom, my heart is aflame,

A hunger unquenchable, for truths untamed,

Feeding on knowledge, I nourish my mind,

Forever seeking, a seeker of a kind.

For in this journey, where knowledge is my guide,

I thrive, I grow, my intellect amplified,

Feeding on knowledge, I flourish and bloom,

Forever a student, in wisdom's sacred room.

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About the Creator

Mohammed Askee

An Enthusiastic and Energetic Content Writer, able to think topics out of the box and provide quality content and provide quality articles. Preferring the topics which are odds, movie-material and so-on.

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