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The Heart's Tug of War: Love and Crush

When do you know its Love

By Beyond the BrightnessPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
The Heart's Tug of War: Love and Crush
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Heartbeats race, palms get sweaty,

A feeling I can't quite forget yet.

Is it love or just a silly crush?

It's a question that has me all hushed.

I see you smile, and my heart skips a beat,

Every time you're near, it feels like a treat.

But are these feelings truly real,

Or just a temporary emotion I'll soon heal?

I try to hide, what I'm feeling inside,

But my heart gives me away, with a blushing tide.

And so I wait, for a sign, a clue,

To know if this love is truly true.

But love is a game, that can lead to pain,

And so I must be careful, and not go insane.

For love can be sweet, and love can be sour,

And so I must take each step, with a heart full of power.

So here I stand, with love and crush,

Wondering which will win, and which will lose.

But I'll take each day, with hope and with grace,

And follow my heart, to see where it takes this place.

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About the Creator

Beyond the Brightness

Hi, welcome to my story page. I write what I have experienced in life, its directly from my heart. We all are connected like the stars and hence we share so many emotions and feelings. Let's feel in those words.

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