The Greatest Believer


The Greatest Believer

I was the greatest believer

the only thought of it

makes me shiver

faith and hope

outreached the thickest shield

of despair and sorrow

and you were the bravest soldier

laying me down in the field

happy, that was I was guilty of

among seeds planted from above

from an age no one can remember of

and these dainty flowers were on their own

everything I've, ever, dreamed of

delicate small and pretty

and the thickest rooted stalk

slender, agile, strong

through the brightest light of God

And you watered those seeds,

so well, while they were breeding

in their dwell,

now boosting out

fierce creatures

like a dragon crushing its shell

caged tigers giving now their farewell

Domenica Curro
Domenica Curro
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Domenica Curro
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