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The first time she kissed me

by Ciara McGregor 8 months ago in love poems

My starlight

I have never seen someone so bright

in the night sky, she seemed to glow like the moon herself

Bringing the whiskey to my lips, I tried to shake off the cold

it filled me, like deep-sea ice, dark blue and unforgiving

I wrapped my skirt tighter around my knees.

I stared at her as she laughed, her voice as sweet and clear as freshwater, flowing across me like a river across stones.

I froze as she leant into me, staring deep into my eyes.

She kissed me, and my throat filled with golden honey

all noise dissapeared and my skin flushed pink as the rose in her hair

my heart stopped, caught in my chest like a broken clock

brighter than a burning star my lips began to glow red hot, sharp and painful

her hand caressed my cheek so tenderly, holding me like fragile blown glass

she pulled me in deeper

I began to sink into her, my heart filling with dragonflies and soft candlelight

I ran my fingers through her hair, so gently

this delicate life in my hands, infinitely more precious than all the knowledge in the world

my hands began to burn, struck with static

my back began to ache, the wings inside me wanting to burst free, to carry us away, somewhere safe

her hands ran along my arms, tracing patterns into my skin

they twirled and glowed with rich purples and bronze, filling me with colour

I could smell the sweet lemon perfume she wore, fresh and clean

I felt my imperfections burn away in her brilliance

squeezing my eyes shut, I tried to hold the moment still, grasping at it, hoping it wouldn't run from me

I didn't want her warmth to leave me

Elysium itself could not be more perfect than this

but she pulled away.

I came crashing back down to earth, my new wings broken, landing hard

the dust and ash filled my lungs, staggering my breath

blood began to drip from where her hands had caressed me

my lips turned blue, left cold without her

As I gazed upon her, the goddess I idolize, I felt my heart tug

she smiled at my breathlessness, a laugh escaping her delicate lips

her green eyes danced in the firelight, glowing like emeralds

she pulled me in close towards her, her silken arms wrapping around me, laying her head on my shoulder

I began to grow warm again.

I held my starlight close to me.

love poems

Ciara McGregor

Creator of micro fiction for the easily distracted!

Imagination prompts and fantasy ideas

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