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The Final Embrace


By Reyan AliPublished 7 months ago 2 min read
The Final Embrace
Photo by Tobias on Unsplash

In shadows cast upon a dying earth,

Where whispers cease and hope finds no rebirth,

A tale unfolds of a world's demise,

As darkness descends beneath blood-red skies.

Doomsday's cloak wraps the trembling land,

Eternal night holds the feeble hand,

Stars weep their tears, as if to mourn,

For a world left broken, battered, torn.

Once vibrant meadows now barren and still,

Silenced birdsong on the desolate hill,

A symphony of silence, the only sound,

As destruction reigns, unyielding, profound.

The oceans weep, their depths turned cold,

Unraveling secrets they can no longer hold,

Waves crash ashore with a mournful roar,

Erasing footprints that are no more.

Cities stand as echoes of past grandeur,

Their towering spires, a fading glamour,

Broken windows, crumbling walls,

Witnesses to mankind's inevitable falls.

Within hearts heavy with sorrow's weight,

Lie remnants of dreams, a cruel twist of fate,

Love's tender touch, a mere memory,

Lost in the abyss of this final tragedy.

Yet amidst the chaos, a flicker of light,

A beacon of hope, burning ever so bright,

For within the darkness, seeds still remain,

Promising renewal, a chance to reclaim.

Though doomsday dawns with an iron grip,

The human spirit shall never cease to equip,

With resilience and courage, we'll rise anew,

Rebuild, reconcile, and our dreams pursue.

For even in the face of a fateful morn,

Our souls unite, steadfast and reborn,

Together we'll forge a destiny unknown,

And rise from the ashes, never alone.

So let the cataclysm come what may,

We'll dance amidst chaos, with hearts that sway,

Embracing the end with defiance untamed,

In the final moments, our spirits unashamed.

"The Final Embrace" we shall endure,

As the cosmos weep and heavens adjure,

For even in doomsday's darkest eclipse,

Our indomitable spirits shall rise, forever exist.

sad poetry

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