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Celestial Ballet


By Reyan AliPublished 7 months ago β€’ 1 min read
Celestial Ballet
Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

In the hush of twilight's gentle sway,

A celestial waltz begins to play,

A symphony born of ethereal light,

The Aurora Borealis ignites the night.

Above the realm of mortals below,

A tapestry of colors starts to glow,

Brushstrokes of cosmic energy unfurl,

With whispers of magic that enchant the world.

Oh, Aurora Borealis, radiant and grand,

You dance across the heavens, hand in hand,

A celestial ballet of shimmering hues,

A mesmerizing spectacle that leaves us in muse.

Vibrant ribbons of emerald green,

Intertwined with gold, a celestial scene,

Like ethereal curtains, they gracefully flow,

As the night sky becomes a vibrant show.

Aurora Borealis, painter of the skies,

Your luminescence makes the soul arise,

With every flicker, a celestial rhyme,

A dance of cosmic harmony frozen in time.

The stars above, they twinkle and cheer,

As the auroras' beauty draws near,

From the Arctic's icy kingdom it emerges,

An otherworldly vision that truly diverges.

In this nocturnal display of light,

We witness nature's most awe-inspiring sight,

With each pulsating rhythm, a celestial choir,

The Aurora Borealis sets the sky on fire.

So let us gaze upon this cosmic bliss,

With hearts and minds forever amiss,

For in the presence of this celestial ballet,

We are reminded of the wonders we convey.

Oh, Aurora Borealis, majestic and bright,

Illuminate our spirits with your dazzling light,

Guide us through the darkest of nights,

And fill our souls with celestial delights.

In your presence, we find solace and peace,

As the colors of the heavens continue to increase,

Aurora Borealis, a celestial embrace,

Forever etching beauty in time and space.

In awe, we stand beneath your celestial grace,

Lost in the marvel of your radiant face,

Aurora Borealis, enchantress of the night,

Your celestial symphony fills us with delight.

nature poetry

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