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The feeling of being deeply in love

The Gift of Love

By Karthikeyan KPublished about a year ago 1 min read

The feeling of being deeply in love,

A blissful state sent from above.

It's the warmth of the sun on a summer's day,

A feeling that never fades away.

It's the beat of the heart, a rhythmic pace,

A flame that burns bright with grace.

It's the laughter and joy, the endless delight,

A love that shines both day and night.

It's the butterflies in your stomach, the flutter of your heart,

A feeling that sets you apart.

It's the sweet whispers of "I love you,"

A feeling that's pure and true.

It's the tender embrace, the gentle kiss,

The love that fills you with bliss.

It's the understanding and the trust,

A bond that's strong, a bond that's just.

It's the feeling of being complete,

Of finding someone you can't live without, a soul mate so sweet.

A love that grows stronger each day,

A love that will never fade away.

So cherish this love, hold it tight,

For it is a gift, a beautiful sight.

Embrace it with open arms, with all your might,

For the feeling of being deeply in love, is a beautiful sight.

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    KKWritten by Karthikeyan K

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