The Federal Corporation of America

Even the greatest nation in the world has its foolery coming back to em'

The Federal Corporation of America

Welcome to America.

The United States of America, you say?

How is it so united

When they run this shit like a business?

The Federal Reserve, nothing but a funnel of elitist greed.

That junk is bigger than D. C. !

The same people who want to see us dissolve

Continues to limit our potential.

They put out false stories

To scare the public.

Disease epidemics?

Big pharma is the real criminal

They use celebrity news as a distraction.

So, you mean to tell me that being a Kardashian

is some sort of accomplishment?

They put poisons in your food,

so they can give you cancer and diabetes.

Which by the way

They won’t give you the cure for

They glue you to a cell phone

To keep you pulled into the nonsense.

They expose you to incessant violence

And try to make it seem justified.

They dilute your brain with fluoride

Drop it in your tap, using that to make you

conform to their rules.

They know everything about you.

They know where you live.

And all.

Make you go to school

Just to make your mind static.

Giving you the same curriculum

Over and over for a decade.

Then, they encourage you to go to their colleges

Tell you to get a degree

And leave you jobless.

Now, you’re stuck paying off all this debt.

We have a reality show star as a damn leader.

They give him the leeway to do whatever

And they allow it.

But, if I talk about police brutality

Then, that’s a problem?

They make you file for unemployment

And social security

Just so you can live your life off a check.

That money ain’t even guaranteed,

they can take it from you at any time.

The healthcare system, right?

You pay all this money

yet they still don’t give you coverage?

What’s the problem, anything else?

I would like to welcome you

to the Federal Corporation of America.

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Khali Raymond (savage writer)
Khali Raymond (savage writer)
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Khali Raymond (savage writer)

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