See through me like the windowpanes


Pick me up, read me.

I’m so clear, you can see the world

Through my eyes.

Look at my irises, see how strong they burn.

Do they spell pain?

Do they spell fear?

Do they spell rage?

Can you see through my body

And make it into my soul?

Can you see that I’m kneeling for my rights?

Can you see that I’m not singing the song

Because you abhor our influence?

We make you guys money

And you wanna walk all over us.

Do we have to sit here

And become circus acts

Just to be employed?

Why do we see making it to the league

As our ticket out the hood?

We can be so much more

But, they use us for our abilities.

Try to call us subhuman.

We’re people, regardless.

See the transparency?

I’m speaking for every black male.

Every black woman.

Every Hispanic male.

Every Hispanic woman.

I’m speaking to the whole hood,

the whole world.

I’m letting my brothers in Newark hear my flow.

I’m letting my words resonate in the favelas of Brazil.

I’m letting my influence stretch

Across every village in Africa.

I’m letting my character

Stop North Korea from firing a pipe bomb.

Can you see through me so clearly

Can you wipe the tears from my eye

Every time you kill my brothers?

Can you take the disgust out of my face

Every time you rape my sisters?

Can you hold my heart

Every time you beat my children?

Can you hold me together

Once you put my neighborhood on lockdown?

Do you see how much transparency

That transpires once you commit this action?

There’s a dozen dudes

And a couple more

Who look exactly like me.

So, you’re just going to say

We’re all bad guys who need to be put away?

Are you going to realize this?

We’re innocent, sir.

Leave us the hell alone!

social commentary
Khali Raymond (savage writer)
Khali Raymond (savage writer)
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Khali Raymond (savage writer)

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