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The Fall

A Fleeting Brush with Love

By Skye BothmaPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

I wrote this poem in 2003 about someone I was falling for, but sadly it was never meant to be. It seems this is how love always turns out for me.

The Fall

Sleepy splashes of sunset gold,sighed softly and sank toward the sun.Floating on the scented air,two distant souls collided,suspended by the swirling breeze,spiraled skyward;separate yet inseparable, danced slow and serene,sensitive to the ebb and flow,sweetly spellbound.

Then stirring,overcome by gravity, succumbed.And severed, were swept away,carrying the moment in memory sealed.

© Skye Bothma, 2003


About the Creator

Skye Bothma

Skye is a freelance editor and writer living in rural New Zealand, where she writes about life, love and what it is to be human. She is also the author of one novel and working on her next book. Visit her website at www.skyebothma.nz

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