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The Example My Father Set

The Bar My Father Set

By Brian FurphyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Bob Furphy

If I could have, just one wish, I wish that I meet--the bar my father set.

We first met when I was one, he was my first best man and he was so much fun. By the time I was 2, I was no longer Young, I was officially the newest Furphy son. I was proud to be his son And I knew he was proud of me and I knew I was loved. I saw something new in Dad when I was 3. His love got bigger, my mom's did too, that was when my sister was born, he said "My son, this is your first RESPONSIBILITY" and I knew what he meant. He trusted me with his own life because I could see, him, in her eyes. When I was 4 we would dance on the floor, I would stand on his feet and we would dance to the beat.

When I was 5, I earned my first reward. I gave my jacket to my sister because she was cold. I got an ice cream cone for that. By the time I was 6 years old, he taught me how to play catch and little baseball.

I loved our rituals, I still love our traditions, he lived according to God's will, away from all transgressions. When I was seven, we often talked about heaven. When I was eight, I learned about hell on my own. When I was nine, he took me fishing, just me. He said, "I needed some father son time." He was right.

When I was ten, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and my Dad believed I could. I wanted to be a professional Stunt Man! On my eleventh birthday, he gave me a video cam. I began my career. Dad even helped me set the scene. He gave me jobs in the yard so I could make money because he knew I would buy more film and I would spend every penny. And I knew he believed in me and I knew I was loved. When I was 12, I was out of control and I don't know how Dad stayed so true. Yes I do because like me, he had my Mom too.

When I grew up, to be 13, he trusted me with the car keys. He said keep your eyes on the horizon my son. Keep your eyes, on the horizon. I knew he trusted me and I knew I was loved. When I would fall down he would pick me up but mostly he caught me and saved me. My father taught me how to dance before prom and he told me "just do what you're doing and keep making it better" and he always said "Be good". So I am.

My father made the world--seem all right for so many, my mom, so many family members over the years, friends, my sisters and brothers, many adopted and saved just like I was, many of our friends that he would welcome one and all into his home and he would care for us all--without ever complaining.

Not by any man, by the greatest example of a man. By the man who would turn the other cheek and make it hurt the one hitting. He would make humble itself jealous. His temper was like snow and his cool like Colorado ice. He never put on an act because true to himself always. He gave the weak strength and the lost a map. He didn't flatter people with words, only good deeds. He was only afraid of one thing and that was God, that is, the wrath of God. He was a godly man and while that was most important to him; he would hate for me to say this, but, he was a better man than you or me.

His conduct proceeded from utter good will and if altruism had a name it was Bob Furphy. Or. "Just Bob" he would say to people as if to say, I am not that important. I see aspects of my Dad in people everywhere I go and I instantly fall in love with so many. That's because when I see anything that is good or great in humanity, I see my Dad, my father who ruled the world; by his example. I still wish, everyday, the same wish I always make, I wish I meet--the bar my father set.

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