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The Ending

Quadru-haiku 2

By Robbie CheadlePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Frederic Köberl on Unsplash

Burning, deprived lungs

Grasp life-giving oxygen

Too little, too late

By Robbie Cheadle

Too little, too late is defined by Collins as a situation where the speaker is blaming someone for not doing enough to prevent a problem, and for taking action only after the problem had become very bad.

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Robbie Cheadle

Robbie Cheadle loves to create in a variety of mediums including words, cake, fondant, charcoal, and oil pastels. She enjoys writing fantasy stories for children, poetry, and paranormal stories for adults in historical settings.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  1. Heartfelt and relatable

    The story invoked strong personal emotions

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Comments (5)

  • Priscilla Bettis2 years ago

    Oh goodness, this one's sad but real.

  • Gwen Plano2 years ago

    Wow, powerful writing, Robbie. ❤️

  • Mae Clair2 years ago

    Raw and sad, especially when coupled with that photo. Great job on striking the right (if painful) emotional chord!

  • Jacquie Biggar2 years ago

    Such as a person suffering from Covid because they refused to wear a mask!

  • God Bless us, everyone!

Robbie CheadleWritten by Robbie Cheadle

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