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The Empress

by Josephine Mason 4 days ago in performance poetry

Tarot Series

The Empress
Photo by Manik Roy on Unsplash

The Empress

She sits upon her throne

Surveying all under her domain

She is one whom advises

Her counsel is often sought


Typically older

Always close to you

We all know at least one

Who is the queen of their domain


Their words are often soft

Though they can be filled with grit

Seek her in matters close to the heart

She may know more than you think


As always this is a basic interpretation of the card. It can change from reading to reading in minor ways. I hope you are all continuing to enjoy this. If you did then please heart, subscribe, and feel free to leave a tip. You can now also pledge 3 dollars a month to me and help support me as a creator. If you do, you get the benefit of having my stories at the top of your subscription feed anytime I post something new. Till next time.

performance poetry

Josephine Mason

I write because I'm always drifting off to other lands in my mind. I hope you enjoy my disjointed stream of consciousness. Please subscribe, like, and if I'm doing especially well please tip.

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