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The emperor changed his clothes

by Blaine Lindsey about a year ago in inspirational
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He put on a monk's rag

Whether this world is run by snakes or angels;

whether flat or round or at an end;

whether sky is bright or falling:

answer calling, don't pretend.

Don't ignore your urge to action,

Gratification you deserve.

Manifest your best intentions,

willing and able, have the nerve

to turn the fable into fact.

Whether stories make or break you,

free or chain you: counteract.

The emperor changed his clothes...

he's put on a monks rag.

He must've found no peace

as reigning voice behind a flag.

The bankers lost his breifcase...

or so he says with a smile

that I bet he found picking parsley

in the garden for awhile.

The student ditched the function,

left the dank&drank behind,

she said all this 'gettin faded'

is really fading depth of mind.

The pharmacist's harvesting herbs

as an apothecists assistant,

said she wants to heal holistically

not push pills to the resistant.

I say:

Hearts, as well as minds, can open wide in sudden instant

and many paths enlighten that we never knew were there.

Discontent can brighten,

breathe in Love

thats in the air

& find your own way.


About the author

Blaine Lindsey

Blaine Lindsey is a living love poem. Born in Vallejo, California. Queer spoken word poet with a stutter. Blaine's work speaks from the soul with compelling metaphors, emotional connections, societal observations and spiritual underlines.

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