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The Embrace of Her Heart


By Samson E. GiftedPublished about a month ago 1 min read
The Embrace of Her Heart
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In the dawn of morning light, she wakes,

Her gentle whispers, the daybreak makes,

With hands that cradle, soothe, and mend,

A mother’s love knows no end.

Her eyes, two pools of endless grace,

Reflect the stars in their embrace,

Through joy and sorrow, thick and thin,

Her heart’s door, we enter in.

Each word she speaks, a lullaby,

A symphony of love that never dies,

She weaves her dreams with threads of gold,

A tapestry of warmth to hold.

Her laughter, like a summer breeze,

Brings comfort, putting minds at ease,

In her arms, the world feels right,

A sanctuary from the night.

She bears the weight of years gone by,

With a strength that never asks why,

Her sacrifices, often unseen,

Like the roots that feed the evergreen.

In every moment, big or small,

She stands beside us, through it all,

Her courage, silent, yet so clear,

A beacon, ever drawing near.

Her love, a river, deep and wide,

In which our worries gently slide,

She guides us with a steady hand,

Through life's shifting, drifting sand.

With every tear, she kisses away,

She lights the dark, turns night to day,

Her smile, a balm, her voice, a song,

In her presence, we belong.

Through storms and sunshine, she remains,

A constant, through life’s joys and pains,

Her spirit, fierce, her heart, so kind,

A treasure, rare and hard to find.

Though time may etch its lines and trace,

Its passage on her gentle face,

Her love, unchanged, will always be,

A boundless sea, eternally.

So here’s to mothers, far and near,

Whose love we hold so dear, so clear,

In every heartbeat, every breath,

Her legacy, outliving death.

For in her arms, we first began,

Our first steps in this mortal span,

A mother’s love, a sacred art,

The endless embrace of her heart

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Samson E. Gifted

SEG, is a talented writer, editor, and publisher known for his exceptional storytelling and keen eye for detail. With a passion for words and a commitment to excellence earning a reputation as a respected figure in the publishing industry.

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    Samson E. GiftedWritten by Samson E. Gifted

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