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The Dream of Chasing the Stars

A Free Poem

By Reynol BrennanPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

In the dim night, stars adorn the sky,

My thoughts wander with the wind, as I stroll by.

Reflecting upon the years that have passed,

I discover the brilliant journey that will forever last.

In this bustling world, I chase after the stars,

Never ceasing, regardless of hardships or scars,

For I know dreams are my guiding light,

Leading me through every twist and every height.

Back then, I stood at the humble start,

Just an ordinary soul with an extraordinary heart,

Yearning to unveil the flames within through poetry,

Longing to depict the world's beauty with great bravery.

I use words as a brush to paint the scene,

Creating miracles like an artist, so serene.

Each line carries profound emotions deep,

A vessel of hope for the future, I keep.

I let my thoughts take flight, soaring high,

Crossing the boundaries of time, reaching the sky.

With the power of my spirit, I weave poetic tales,

Breathing life into landscapes, as each word unveils.

The vast universe becomes my stage,

Stars twinkle, applauding my page.

Fearlessly, I conquer the unknown terrain,

Transforming dreams into reality, a self-made reign.

Every rise and fall is a lesson to embrace,

Each setback a chance to grow with grace.

I endure the silence of the night, welcoming dawn's glow,

In sweat and perseverance, my own legend will show.

Thus, I chase the dream of the stars above,

Letting their radiance guide me with love.

Exploring endlessly, surpassing the past,

Striving towards higher goals steadfast.


About the Creator

Reynol Brennan

A small blogger who shares emotions, life, life insights, and short stories, and provides everyone with happiness, growth, and common sense of life.

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