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Inner Peace

A Free Poem

By Reynol BrennanPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Is it in the stillness of the night

When all is quiet and the stars shine bright?

Or is it in the warmth of a friend's embrace

When troubles fade and worries erase?

Where do we find the peace we seek

In this world that's often harsh and bleak?

Is it in the beauty of nature's grace

Or in the comfort of a quiet space?

Perhaps it's found in a moment's thought

When we take the time to truly stop

And listen to the whispers of the soul

To let our inner wisdom take control

For sometimes the world can be so loud

We forget to seek the peace we're proud

To say we need and make time for

To ground ourselves and find our core

So let us take a moment each day

To seek the peace we crave and pray

That we may find it deep within

And let it guide us through thick and thin

Let us find the stillness in our hearts

And let our worries and fears depart

For there is nothing quite as sweet

As the peace that gives our souls retreat


About the Creator

Reynol Brennan

A small blogger who shares emotions, life, life insights, and short stories, and provides everyone with happiness, growth, and common sense of life.

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