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The Devil's Wares

by James Bell about a month ago in fact or fiction
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Inspired by "The Tale of the Devil's Wares" by Quincy LK (https://youtu.be/9y4q5US3DAE)

In this town, not far from here, the Devil sells his wares,

And if you ever run into it, you had best beware

To take upon your clacking heels and continue en route

For He only sells to demons and those of ill repute.

Just such a man entered upon the Devil’s store.

It was kept by a stranger whom he swore he’d seen before.

He came upon such marvels that bedazzled his eyes

As the stranger, like a carnival barker, persuaded him to buy.

But as for the trinkets and trifles, the man found nothing for himself

Before he beheld behind the stranger a darkened barren shelf

Where his keen eyes discovered a simple mallet and wooden stake,

And the man inquired as to the price for those he would take.

The stranger slightly dismissed the query and said, “They’re not for sale.”

The man inquired as to why the stranger would tell him such a tale.

The wares were then gathered and laid before the man of ill repute

As the stranger reiterated that its sale’s a fruitless pursuit:

“I’ve got potions and perfumes to ignite a man’s lust.

I’ve got jewelry that sparks envious disgust.

I’ve got baubles full of pride and arrogance,

And sparks that bring out wrathful malevolence.

But these, you see, are my most precious devices

For they do not feed upon your everyday vices.

When I plunge this stake deep into one’s heart

Worthlessness slithers in and does impart,

And when the mallet strikes upon the stake

Another doubt creeps in and does partake,

Feeding upon one’s spiritual fare

And leaving an empty carcass of despair.

When all my other tools seem to fail

These little beauties always prevail.

For my other tricks bring out your most promising sin

But these show that the worst Devil lies within.”

fact or fiction

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James Bell

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