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The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me

Because everything in life is about deconstructing what you know and building something better. And whether we like to admit it, everything has it’s two sides.

By NerdsaverPublished about a month ago 2 min read
The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me
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Because everything in life is about deconstructing what you know and building something better. And whether we like to admit it, everything has it’s two sides.

Deconstruct — Reconstruct

Yin — Yang

A Go Getter needs help slowing down.


While training someone I was asked: “Are we here to write SOPs, or are we here to help me get through this?”


I know what is holding you back. And if we are doing it right -

Both of us know what is holding me back.

What is holding me back?


Deconstruct — Reconstruct


To gain more power in any situation, you increase your understanding.

Under… Standing

Under: Below or Beneath; Subjected to Authority or Control, Less-Than.

Standing: In a social context, Standing is a Position within a hierarchy. Someone with ‘High Standing’, is someone who shows leadership, competence, confidence, Responsibility, Success in their life or Career, or in the case of Athletes, Physical Prowess.

Wisdom is the realization that you have to put yourself below your ‘Standing’.

Its an EGO thing.

Its always an Ego thing.

You have to be on the Earth in order to take part in ‘Standing’ as an every day activity.

What do you have to do to bring yourself below even that?



“I’m a winner, and winners win.”

The devil’s mantra. It’s easy to get caught in this trap.


In the pursuit of success and personal growth, we often find ourselves tempted by the allure of power, wealth, and status. Just as the devil offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world in exchange for his worship, our egos may whisper promises of social standing, material success, and control over others.

But what is true power? Is it the ability to control others, to amass wealth and influence? Or is it something more subtle, something rooted in humility and service to a greater good?

The Devil and God.

Control. Submission.

What are you submitting to?

What do you really want?

Jesus, in his perfection, had all the power in the world. Yet, he chose to submit to a higher purpose, to carry out his Divine Plan.

What was that plan?

To Save Us.

And from What?


But only after we learn how to be perfect too.


Why is Perfection your master?

Why don’t you have control?

Lucifer and Jesus




Who was right?


… The family is you …

… The family is me…



The Rebirth.

‘The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me’


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