The Deadly Trio

by eazt art about a year ago in sad poetry

The Struggle Against Life's Worst Enemies: Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

The Deadly Trio

Stress is a sickening emotion that drowns me completely. She hides everywhere, but this emotion knows every route and path in my body and manages to find her every time. Stress constantly fulfills her mind with headaches and worry.

Anxiety is stresses best ally. It's overthinking, worry, and fear will tear her to shreds and glue her to her bed. Everyday anxiety makes her mind fuzzy it seems she can't bear to say out loud. Everyday anxiety stops her heart not allowing air to run through her body. It makes her feel helpless.

Depression, the leader of all the above never leaves her. Depression suffocates her in a way where she can't live. She can't leave her bed. She can't pick up her favorite book. She can't hang out with her friends. She can't see a purpose in life. She can't tell anyone what's wrong. She can't anyone how to fix or help her. She can't tell if she did something today or yesterday or last week. As if time doesn't matter anymore.

Depression freezes her in which she can't motivate, nor push herself to do what she was most excited for. Depression sucks the energy out of her. Everyday at least one of these dreadful emotions accompany her. They control her and take her to a dark place where I know they will never leave her alone.

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