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The Darkness

a poem

By Miss RiggiePublished 10 months ago 1 min read

I do not fear the darkness,

I go there when I sleep,

the burning light can't touch me

as I dive in the deep.

I do not fear the darkness,

the space is never cold,

it's peaceful and it's comforting

despite what you've been told.

I do not fear the darkness,

the silence is sublime

I breathe every connection

outside the chains of time

I do not fear the darkness,

there's no one here but me

floating in the nothingness

where I am truly free.

Please do not fear the darkness,

you'll get here eventually

and I'll be waiting in its folds

to keep you company.

nature poetrysurreal poetrysad poetry

About the Creator

Miss Riggie

Artist | Writer | Lover | Fighter

Born in Sydney, Australia, I write about what inspires me, to inspire others. Poetry, stories, deep introspective works, the lot! MUSE POWERS ACTIVATE!

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