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Attention Shoppers

A Poem

By Miss RiggiePublished 12 months ago 1 min read
Attention Shoppers
Photo by Justin Lim on Unsplash

Attention shoppers!

We have lies for sale.

You tell 'em we sell 'em.

Lies from your past,

from your present, your future

We‘ve got 'em!

Spoilt for choice, taken from any voice!

We have Santa Claus, and Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny

The monster under the bed you used

To spend more time with Daddy and Mummy

It’s almost funny how many of those we have in stock!

We have a special on sick days for the boss and school

So believable it’s easy to fool anyone in any way

You’d be shocked at our displays!

We have lies you hear, lies you fear,

Lies you love to tell others,

Your mother, your brother, your lovers.

Exchange your ‘I love you’

And receive an ‘I love you too,’

Absolutely free!

‘I’m the only one who cares about you’

And ‘I’m your only friend’

For those lonely unsuspecting men and women

Take advantage of their patience and kindness

Leave them blind to your vileness

Don’t let your wickedness be noticed.

We have lies for voters from leaders and the media

Enough to feed your family!

30% off lies of peaceful unity

good for any community,

For an alliance forged on paper to prevent a war

To silence the violence and gore I implore you!

Come and see what’s in our store.

We have this massive clearance

On the lies we tell ourselves

Spilling from the shelves

‘I’ll never find love’ and ‘I can quit any time’,

Half price off ‘I’m fine’, ‘I haven’t seen it’

‘I know your bluff’, ‘I’m not good enough’ and ‘He didn’t mean it’.

Our bargain bins are packed with sins

From all around. Enough to make your world

Come crashing down if you settle for the truth.

Essential oils to fog the mind

pills and drops of every kind

to help you swallow your voice

make you believe you have a choice ,

fertiliser to help ignorance grow

and, of course, all ‘Free Will’ must go.

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About the Creator

Miss Riggie

Artist | Writer | Lover | Fighter

Born in Sydney, Australia, I write about what inspires me, to inspire others. Poetry, stories, deep introspective works, the lot! MUSE POWERS ACTIVATE!

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