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The Darkest Eclipse

A Myth Poem About A Dark Phenomenon; ECLIPSE

By Noted MomentsPublished about a month ago 2 min read

Eclipse of darkness; an entity that creeps in every few decades, to steal the memories of the enlightened ones. These people were called The Chosen Ones. They were extraordinary people, with divine destiny's. They each possessed memories so powerful, that they could change the fabric of existence. The god of death could not have that, so it would alter the universe by creating a being, that was not good, nor evil, but had a duty embedded into its very essence.

Choice, is what The Chosen didn't actually have, when it came to what was within them. All they could really do was wait for the time when The Darkest Eclipse would come. It would only appear within ones life twice, so was it really worth fighting? Only The Chosen could answer that question. With every generation, the moon would align, and as it got into position, The entity would be called. Working in unison, the two life forms high above the world, would take the most valuable goods known to any man. Our memories are what hold us together and if stolen, weaken us to the bond we have to our humanity.

Like a deceitful lover, the moon was the entity's accomplice; aiding the beast in its wrongful actions. Our moon would grant us beauty; florescent light to guide us in the night, the perfect distance for our waters to flow majestically, and a kiss to each star, giving us a better reason to look so often up at the sky. But as the time would pass, the moon would change its loving gaze upon the people below, and position itself for evil deeds. Welcoming the entity into its dark cycle, the moon would interrupt the sun as always, but with more aggression. Complete darkness would cover the world, and the beast would appear unnoticed.

It being called The Darkest Eclipse had come along after many centuries had passed. Soon the ancestors would call it A Memory Thief. A thief with the intentions to take what it was designed to extract. No remorse, for it had a duty, with no feelings attached. The Chosen were its target and no one could save them.

People who possessed the power-- the memories, were sacrificed. The Memory Thief grew stronger over millennia. The god whom created the entity was satisfied. The Chosen weren't able to become their complete selves as civilizations continued to fall countless times, and every warrior who stood up, became spiritually concurred.

So many of our ancestors who fought the entity with everything they had-- would consistently loose more than they gained, as the beast remained, invisible. It understood its assignment and never failed to please its creator. The Chosen were told each time to give in because it wasn't worth the fight. The beast only came every so often, so why waste the energy. The Dark Ellipse would come and the entity would always follow behind, so allowing it in, was the best and easiest option.

Every few years, The Darkest Eclipse would come, and The Chosen were once again sacrificed. The entity knew it would stay undefeated and its strength would grew ever more.

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